1. Stay With Me

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Stay With Me

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Your sweet lips
The touch of your fingertips
Your smile in the morning
The sun slowly warming

You and I
Together under autumn skies
The light slowly fading
We’re no longer waiting

Stay with me
Let me hold you tenderly
I can give you what you need
Stay with me

A gentle sigh
The look of love is in your eyes
The night slowly falling
Our destiny calling

A silent wish
Longing for your loving kiss
An unspoken feeling
A new time for healing

Stay with me
Let me touch you tenderly
Close your eyes and you will feel
Stay with me

A soft embrace
No more tears upon your face
Surrounded by moonlight
This will be our night

Stay with me
Let me hold you tenderly
I’ll give you the strength you need
Stay with me
My love will be all you need
The sun will shine and you will see
Stay with me