1. Just Say No

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Just Say No

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When I whisper in your ear
When I put my hand in yours
When I try to pull you near
Just like I did before

If I tell you little lies
If I say I'll be forever yours
If I ask you to be mine
Baby just say no

When I wait outside your door
When I ask you to stay with me
When I want you to give more
And I keep telling you my love is free

When I come over late at night
And our clothes are lying on the floor
When your lips are close to mine
Baby just say no

I know that I've broken promises and vows
I've been so far away can you hear me now

When the loneliness runs deep
And you're longing for my touch again
When light of day fades away
And the night is closing in

When I bring you close to me
And my hands are moving soft and slow
When I say you'll be forever mine
And you say you just don't know
If I say give your heart to me
Baby just say no