1. Maria

From the recording Third Beach


Girl when we were younger
We’d spend all our summers
Swimming in the ocean and lying in the sand

How I miss those gentle days
Your loving smile your warm embrace
I would give up anything to go back where we began

Oh Maria how I’d like to see you
Sitting on the grass outside my door
Oh Maria how I long to see you
And kiss your smiling face again once more

I was blind I know it
Far too young to show it
Always making little earthquakes starting little wars

You were never angry
Always standing right beside me
Fighting off the spells and curses I brought to our door

Oh Maria how I’d like to see you
Sitting in the sun outside my door
Oh Maria how I want to feel you
Lying in my arms again once more

You know I want you near me in the morning when it’s cold outside
Feel your gentle breath upon my skin so soft and warm
Our love is never ending because you keep on sending
Me love that will not fade anymore

You reached across the water
Said you had a daughter
Who liked to swim out in the sea as we did before

I wish I could regain your hand
Take you from that foreign land
Walk with you across the sand
Down to the golden shore

Oh Maria how I’d like to see you
Walking up the stairs to my front door
Oh Maria you know how much I need you
Come back and let me hold you close once more