From the recording Third Beach


I want to hear your voice I want to feel your breath
On the back of my neck as I undo your dress
And the sun goes down
And the world turns round
Its all right baby I’ll always be here with you

I want to hear you softly calling out my name
Through an open window in the summer rain
And the thunder sounds
And the rain comes down
It's alright baby I'll always be here for you

Love comes in waves
Lives we have made
Feelings won't fade
These moments we save

I want to see you walking on a sandy beach
Your dress moving slowly in a gentle breeze
And your hair is down
And your skin is brown
It’s alright baby I'll always be here with you

Time rolls along
Feelings grow strong
Our hearts can't be wrong
We're where we belong

I want to chase you down and sweep you off your feet
Pull you close and whisper soft and sweet
As the sun goes down
In this beachfront town
It’s alright baby I’ll always stay here with you
Tonight baby all of my love is for you